An Interview With Worldwide Recruitment Solutions (WRS) Pte Ltd

WRS began in 2008 with just five founding members and a turnover of £250,000. With an initial focus on the energy market, WRS now employs more than 50 specialist consultants with expertise in specific geographies and key sectors in the energy, maritime and technology industries. As well as our UK head office in Altrincham, South Manchester, we have busy offices in Singapore, Kurdistan and North America, and we have recently registered a joint venture company in Kampala, Uganda to provide recruitment and workforce solutions to Uganda’s Oil & Gas sector called WQS Recruitment Services. From our core permanent recruitment services, we have now successfully expanded into the contract, global mobilisation, managed services and technical services space, in three key industries. We have won numerous awards over the years, including The Queen’s award for enterprise 2015, LinkedIn most socially engaged staffing agencies top 25 in Europe, Middle East and Africa regions in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, The Sunday Times International Track Top 200, 2021 and Recruiter Fast Forward top 50 Recruitment companies 2021.

What does Global Workforce and Mobilisation entail?

WRS works with major clients who have global projects requiring permanent and contract personnel, sometimes at short notice. Having offices in Europe, Asia, America and Africa with specialist consultants in each, WRS are able to supply our clients with the best talent available both locally and globally. We provide an end-to-end service.

WRS is a Global Workforce and Mobilisation specialist primarily in the energies, maritime and commodities sector

Our Global Mobility team, work with around 1,500 contractors and permanent staff each year, across every continent. We ensure that their journeys are seamless, from the moment they get on the flight, to their return home, meaning that you don’t need to have any hands-on involvement in the process of getting individuals on site and ready to begin work.

Our service encompasses travel arrangements, safety and security, visa processing, pre-employment checks, medical and travel insurances, and local compliance. Increased buying power means that we are able to pass on significant savings to our clients.

What are the critical success factors and challenges in running a global recruitment outfit?

Like any other recruitment company, the most critical factor is attracting great talent and retaining them. Our employees are the heart of our organisation, they are the people who ultimately decide if WRS will be successful or not. That’s why we give each and every new starter a comprehensive training plan and a clear agenda for their personal progression. We have a real family feel and ask that all our staff are treated and treat each other with respect and courtesy. You’ll often hear us talking about the ‘WRS Community’ which everyone joins when they embark on a career with us. We believe it’s this fantastic culture and the continual career progression and personal development that makes people want to stay at WRS.

How can WRS support hiring managers in achieving an agile and scalable workforce?

Finding permanent staff in any industry can be very challenging and takes a huge amount of skill and knowledge – particularly when filling niche roles. The pandemic increased this challenge exponentially due to international travel restrictions. At WRS, we pride ourselves on sourcing, selecting and shortlisting not only those candidates with skills needed to get the job done, but also the people with the right attitude to ensure that the work is completed in a timely and professional manner, every time. We listen to our clients’ exact requirements so that when they work with us, they can rest assured that our specialist teams have the expertise and knowledge to find the people they need to get the job done.

The pandemic underscores the urgency for a dynamic talent and work model

We reference-check all of our candidates prior to submission to ensure that their career history will truly benefit the client’s project and organisation. We also decipher each candidate’s long-term career aspirations and motivations to ensure their values and goals match those of both the role and the company, providing employees who can grow alongside the company. Not only do we save our clients the time and effort of finding suitable candidates, but also the costs involved in the whole process of sourcing and screening to find the right talent.

What were the compelling reasons for the franchise to shift to this model versus outright purchase
of laptops?

WRS subscribes to Rentalworks Group’s leasing solutions

In an era where technology has never been so important, WRS needs to ensure that it equips its employees with the best tech stack and hardware available. With the sheer speed of technological advances, it is no longer economical to purchase equipment outright. Alongside this, the need to be flexible regarding working location and time zones means we must work with vendors that can meet our requirements globally. WRS needs to be in sync with the ever-changing needs within the Recruitment Industry and be able to offer bespoke solutions dependent upon any scenario – a one size fits all approach will no longer cut it. Rentalworks were able to offer us flexible, tailored solutions which enabled us to give our employees the capability to work from any location. This in turn helps us to provide the highest level of service to our candidates and clients no matter where they, or we, are in the world.

Carbon credits… offsetting carbon emissions

Carbon credits… offsetting carbon emissions

“Carbon credits are permits representing the removal of 1 ton of carbon from the atmosphere. Credits are allotted to nation or companies and can be traded to help balance total worldwide carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions…..”.

In line with its vision of reducing carbon emissions and helping its clients achieve its sustainable goals, Rentalworks is pleased to be an early adopter of Climate Impact X Global Marketplace for high quality carbon credits. Through this platform Rentalworks will be purchasing carbon credits to offset its internally generated carbon emissions. In addition it is aimed at helping its clients come onboard this journey of achieving net-zero emissions by making available high quality carbon credits.

A Conversation with Alan Puah, Managing Director of Rentalworks Group

Path To Recovery, Adopting a New Normal

Economies are on a recovery path. How can SMEs benefit from the services offered by Rentalworks?

We’re indeed in the midst of an economic recovery although with still reeling with oscillating COVID infection rates. To tap on this growth trajectory and seize businesses opportunities, businesses need to be versatile and agile in mobilising its workforce-juggling between work-from-home and hybrid work models. Businesses need to be able to equip its workforce with the right devices and at the same time ensuring the endpoints are protected from inherent cyberthreats.

Rentalworks’ integrated IT asset lifecycle management solutions consisting of specially curated device leasing programs enables businesses to maneuver seamlessly in this new normal. We work out the best available tech devices that fit each SMEs business requirements at the cost that fits their budget. Our unique lease-to-use approach ensures the process of deployment, maintenance and refresh are all managed throughout by Rentalworks; at the same time ensuring all endpoints are managed and protected from anywhere, at anytime. Our solutions help businesses reduce costs of sourcing, procuring, and managing these devices – so that they can focus on growing their businesses.

Why leasing instead of buying and how much cost savings can be achieved ?

Laptop leasing is an alternative to buying; a favored alternative when a business is looking at defraying/rationalize its costs. The purchase price of a laptop typically constitutes 20% of the total costs which is just the tip of the iceberg when taking into consideration total costs of ownership of that device throughout its lifespan. The balance of the 80% are hidden costs which encompass updates and fixes, support and maintenance, failures and recovery and last but not least, decommissioning and recycling of the device. By subscribing to Rentalworks leasing solutions which incorporates end-to-end IT asset lifecycle management, that 80% is ‘incurred’ and is the responsibility of Rentalworks as the lessor of the device. Imagine the amount of cost savings of that approximately 80% costs of managing the device?

Rentalworks’ leasing does not merely provide lease-to-use IT devices notably laptops. Its solutions extend beyond financing the device. Rentalworks provides end-to-end IT asset lifecycle management services i.e. from assisting in curating a plan that meets the requirements and budget of its clients (hence eliminates the hassles of sourcing), deploying the assets and securely within the chain-of-custody to managing/maintaining the devices throughout the lease period. Our clients see the value of our solutions as it alleviates the 80% ‘hidden’ costs, diversify the procurement options, off-loads inventory management, and provides up-to-date firmware cyber-security.

What makes Rentalworks different from other service providers?
Rentalworks’ leasing does not merely provide lease-to-use IT devices notably laptops. Its solutions extend beyond financing the device. Rentalworks provides end-to-end IT asset lifecycle management services i.e. from assisting in curating a plan that meets the requirements and budget of its clients ( hence eliminates the hassles of sourcing ), deploying the assets and securely within the chain-of-custody to managing/maintaining the devices throughout the lease period. Our clients see the value of our solutions as it alleviates the 80% ‘hidden’ costs, diversify the procurement options, off-loads inventory management, and provides up-to-date firmware cyber-security.
Apart from cash flow, how does Rentalworks support SMEs in building a robust secure work environment?
Apart from boosting the cash flow of a business, Rentalworks in addition to its end-to-end IT asset lifecycle management services, provides endpoint protection and secure data erasure services. Most businesses across the globe have embraced a hybrid work model. This has made it even more critical that endpoints are securely protect from cycber-threats and remote data erasure on devices can be easily and promptly executed. Rentalworks Endpoint Protection and Secure Data Erasure services ( which are packaged along with its leasing plans ) are such services which businesses can take advantage of to mitigate these risks.
What is Rentalworks’ role in supporting a sustainable greener economy?
Leasing industry is “well-positioned” to be a front runner to support the growth of the circular economy. Rentalworks IT Asset Lifecycle Management supports this in that it promotes a business model that allows its customers to have access to IT devices they need to run their business, and with Rentalworks retaining ownership of the assets throughout its lifecycle, can Rentalworks takes responsibility for extending its useable life, recovering it for reuse and remanufacturing. In doing so, maximizing its economic utility while minimizing environmental impact. In addition for devices that have attained its end of life, Rentalworks will recycle the devices responsibly in accordance to local environmental laws.

Top Channel DaaS Partner 2021

Rentalworks Sdn Bhd awarded “Top Channel DaaS Partner 2021”

Rentalworks Group is proud to be awarded with the Lenovo Accelerate’21 Top Channel DaaS Partner for the achievements of its Malaysian franchise. The Award is one of the industry’s leading and highly anticipated awards, recognising the achievements of Lenovo’s partners.

“The award is a testament of our resilience, strength and innovation in meeting the needs of Small Medium Businesses particularly in this challenging period”, says Alan Puah, Managing Director of Rentalworks Group. “Our innovative end-to-end IT asset lifecycle management ‘Device- as-a-Service’ ( DaaS ) packaged along with our lease-to-use solutions have enabled many businesses to manage their operating costs and maintain productivity with the latest IT devices”

“In addition, Rentalworks has empowered businesses in embracing a circular economy through the adoption of a DaaS business model” added Alan.

Device Buy-back/Trade-in

Trade-in/Buy-back of Laptops
for Cash

Trade-in/Buy-back For Cash, Boost Productivity
And Support A Sustainable Green Economy

Replacing old less efficient laptops with new is made easy with Rentalworks Trade-in/Buy-back plans. Get cash rebate and lease at affordable rates with Rentalworks lease plans while supporting a greener sustainable environment.

Reduce Total Costs Of Ownership

Trade-in for cash rebate

Lease at affordable rates with Rentalworks leasing plans

Lease latest brand new devices

Old devices re-circulated as ‘pre-loved’ or disposed sustainably

Seamless Logistics and Asset Management Services

FREE asset pick-up*

Remote secure data erasure

Processing of assets includes asset de-tagging and inventory report


Upfront promotion add on $20 for Lenovo 100 Stereo Headsets

*Terms and conditions

  1. Cash rebate will be credited into first month’s lease of new devices.
  2. Asset pickup by 31st March 2021. One time logistic charge of SGD50.00 applies for quantity less than 10 units.
  3. Service charges and buyback for CPU only. If monitor needs to be processed, service charges will be added separately.
  4. This offer is valid for commercial/consumer models from all major brands. White boxes are not eligible for this offer.
  5. All prices quoted are in SGD.

Find out more about Trade-in/Buy-back of Laptops for Cash with


Preloved DaaS

Get a Head-Start with Affordable ‘Preloved’ Laptops & Flexible Leasing Plans

Scale up and scale down under one simplified lease

Agile and Scalable
Lease pre-loved notebooks with Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS from as short as 12 months or as long as 18 months with flexible subscription. Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS enables your business to scale up or scale down your IT asset requirements seamlessly under one single universal lease agreement. Packaged with services at no extra cost and flexible financing, Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS provides the right solutions designed to ease IT asset lifecycle management, reduce costs and ease the load on your resources so that you can focus on growing your business.

Rentalworks Device-as-a-Service

Simplify how you equip your team with the tools they need to perform as you free up the resources to further grow the business

Cloud-based / On-Premise Secure Data Erasure

Rentalworks Premium Support

Sustainable Eco-friendly End-of-Life Management

Cloud-Based Asset Management

Versatile Leasing Agreement

Single Point of Contact
(Simplified Cases & Escalation Management)

Why lease laptops and not buy?

Cost Effective
Reasonable monthly rates
Boost Cashflow
Alleviate heavy upfront costs
Minimize Disruptions
Premium technical support
Sustainable practices

Stay Current
Keep assets up-to-date

Asset Management
Cloud-based tracking

Reduce total costs of ownership

No huge capital outlay needed empowering your team with the right devices for improved productivity, with ease

Maintain productivity with Rentalworks Temporary Device Replacement Program for faulty devices


Free up your IT resources from IT inventory management, repairs and updates with Rentalworks IT Asset Lifecycle Management services


Seamlessly scale your business with Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS. Its simplified universal lease agreement allows your business to adapt to the fast-changing business landscape

Accelerate your digital transformation with ease

Upfront promotion add on $20 for Lenovo 100 Stereo Headsets

ThinkZero Leasing

ThinkZero Leasing

Rentalworks ThinkZero Leasing

Bringing Innovation to IT Acquisition

IT leasing now comes at an even more affordable entry point.
Rentalworks Singapore presents the ThinkZero leasing program, subscribe to our 36 month leasing program with the latest Lenovo ThinkPad E14 at 0% interest. IT leasing does not get more affordable than this.


Fixed monthly payment over 36 months at 0% interest rate


Prioritized and dedicated technical support with Lenovo Premier Support. Terms and Conditions apply



Full term battery replacement program. Terms and conditions apply

The ThinkPad E14 notebook is thin, lightweight, and has a premium metallic construction—well-suited for professionals who need on-the-go productivity.

The ThinkPad E14 notebook is equipped with innovative features that augment productivity and improve user experience:

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*Terms and Conditions Apply

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Empower your team for your short term needs from as low as SGD4.80 a day

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Rapid changes in technology, more and more dispersed workforce and shifting end-user demands made it increasingly challenging for IT teams to support a growing hybrid/remote user base.

Lenovo DaaS with flexible financing powered through Rentalworks Leasing provides the right solutions designed to ease IT asset lifecycle management, reduce costs and the load on existing resources. Packaged with services at no extra cost, it is specially curated so that you can focus on growing your business.


Non-touch ThinkVision M14
Monthly lease rate: SGD 11.00/ unit (before GST)
Mobile display for on-the-go productivity

Boost on-the-go productivity and collaboration with the ultraportable ThinkVision M14 mobile display. This 14” monitor weighs just 570g and is compatible with any device with an advanced USB-C port. Whether you’re presenting to clients or just want to get things done on the road, the ThinkVision M14 helps you make your good work, better.

ThinkVision M14t
Monthly lease rate: SGD 14.00/ unit (before GST)
Experience work on-the-go with this intuitive USB-C monitor

Boost your productivity with the USB-C, touch and auto rotation enabled portable ThinkVision M14t Monitor, designed for the on-the-go users.

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