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Embracing A Sustainable Future

SGTech eRevival Square E-waste Corporate Pledge
Rentalworks is pleased to be a part of the eRevival Square, an initiative organised by SGTech in partnership with Sustainable Living Lab (SL2). eRevival Square marks the first step of a long-term collaboration amongst various cross-industry stakeholders, including the government. Comprising virtual and community activities, the programme aims to drive awareness of sustainability in Singapore.
Rentalworks Pledge to...
Actively promote sustainable refresh of IT devices through Rentalworks’ leasing programs where processes are sustainably curated and end-of-life devices disposed-off responsibly within the context of Circular Economy.
Raise awareness on characteristics of Circular Economy and importance of reduction of e-waste within the Circular Economy context
Promote the use of ‘pre-loved’ IT devices to extend the lifespan of the IT devices
Encourage responsible disposal of IT devices through device trade-ins

Emphasize on responsible ways of disposing assets with