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Leasing versus Buying

Leasing is a business model that enables customers to have access to a device rather than purchasing outright.

Lessors retain ownership of the devices, manage the lifecycle and take responsibility in ensuring the economic utility of these devices are maximized.

Benefits of Leasing

Boosts Balance

Alleviate heavy upfront costs. An operating lease, businesses can conserve its capital, ease budgeting process and reduce costs of ownership

Enables Responsible Refresh

Leasing enables refresh of IT assets with the latest devices maintaining performance and reliability. Old devices are re-furbished and leased out as ‘pre-loved’ assets or recycled within the context of Circular Economy; supporting businesses in achieving sustainability goals

Protection Against

Secure and protect your business and employees with our leasing programs which includes award winning end point protection and threat monitoring solutions that ensure your devices are free from malware and reduces risk of data loss

Protection Against Obsolescence

Alleviates the burdens associated with rapid deployment of IT assets due to faster pace of new technologies and digitalisation initiatives