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Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management

With digitization and ICT becoming even more pervasive it is harder for businesses to manage and  maintain their IT devices.  This is made harder with the ubiquitous new normal of working-from-home and hybrid models.  Rentalworks leasing plans incorporate Rentalworks Device-as-a-Service ( DaaS ) designed to ease IT asset lifecycle management, reduce Total Costs of Ownership and the load on existing resources.

Manage Your IT Operational Costs Effectively

Simplify how you equip your team with the tools they need to perform as you free up the resources to further grow the business

Cloud-based / On-Premise Secure Data Erasure

Rentalworks Tech Support Hub

Sustainable Eco-friendly End-of-Life Management

Cloud-Based Asset Management

Versatile Leasing Agreement

Single Point of Contact
(Simplified Cases & Escalation Management)

Minimize Total Costs of Ownership with